McKay Point Reservoir

St. Johns Structure looking southeast

St. Johns Structure looking southeast

Tulare Irrigation District, the Consolidated Peoples Ditch Company and the Visalia & Kaweah Water Company are proposing to develop a reservoir that will create much-needed water storage capacity and and flood control, and allow for more efficient  water management. To create the reservoir, the owners have contracted with an excavation contractor to excavate the reservoir and to process the sand and gravel from the property.

The excavation contractor will sell the material and the owners will receive a royalty – a partnership that makes the project financially feasible.

Watch for details on upcoming public involvement opportunities.


Notice of Preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Report

Key Points

  • The region needs additional water storage.
  • Additional storage will reduce flood risk.
  • The Reservoir will allow for more efficient delivery of water for agriculture, when
    farmers need it.
  • The Reservoir will allow for enhanced hydroelectric power
    production – generating additional clean energy when it is most needed.
  • The mining phase to create the Reservoir will make the project financially feasible,
    while delivering building materials now needed as the economy recovers.