Property owners



The three owners or their water rights predecessors have owned the property since the late 1880s. The McKay Point Reservoir site is ideally located to allow for improved water management on the Kaweah and St. Johns rivers as well as improving control on adjoining creeks. Unlike a traditional mining project, the primary purpose of the McKay Point project is the creation of a reservoir. By using the proceeds of excavation to fund construction, the project creates valuable new water storage at virtually no new taxpayer expense. The reservoir will be aesthetically pleasing, with vegetation that is consistent with that of existing waterways.
The owners intend to own and operate the reservoir into the foreseeable future.

Tulare Irrigation District (TID)

TID_webThe Tulare Irrigation District, formed in 1889, is a political subdivision of the State of California – an independent agency operating under the California Water Code. It is governed by a five-member Board of Directors.

The purpose of the TID is to obtain and deliver a surface water supply for the irrigation of farms in the District and for the recharge of the groundwater basin underlying the District. TID also is responsible for operating and maintaining a 330-mile canal and pipeline distribution system along with 1,110 acres of groundwater recharge/regulation basins.

TID delivers surface water to approximately 230 farms.

Consolidated Peoples Ditch Company

peoples_ditch_co_webPeoples Ditch Company is located in Visalia and irrigates 25,000 acres. CPDC’s canal, the Peoples Ditch, is approximately 20 feet in width with the head being taken from the lower Kaweah, a few miles west of Lemon Cove. While the first work on this system did not begin until 1875, many of the water rights secured dated as far back as the 1850s, and were obtained by a consolidation of the interests of the owners with the new organization. The predominant crops are corn, walnuts, and cotton, and all water deliveries are for agriculture.

Visalia and Kaweah Water Company

The Visalia and Kaweah Water Company comprises five ditch companies: Fleming Ditch Company, Oaks Ditch Company, Persian Ditch Company, Watson Ditch Company and Evans Ditch Company. Each company has its own service area, and all water is used for agriculture.